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ICT & Media Dept.

ICT & Media Dept.

The goal of Interfusion’s ICT & Media Department is to increase our general competitiveness, quality and effectiveness of operations, as well as data availability by incorporating information technology (IT) alternatives into the continuing administrative and scientific study procedures, thereby offering a reliable, secure and unified IT infrastructure and high-quality IT facilities for Interfusion’s continuous development.

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Environmental Policy Dept.

Contemporary environmental challenges represent complex, dynamic systems that demand a systems thinking approach. System dynamics generated by our personnel includes formal mapping and modeling that can improve the understanding of the behavior of complex systems as well as how they respond to human or other interventions.

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Social & Cultural Initiatives Dept.

Our Department is committed to providing a strong knowledge base and inspiration for unique strategies in EU societies that address modern challenges. In doing so, we focus on research into international relations (e.g. human rights, citizenship and migration) and examine the factors that shape current EU societies in the fields of culture, politics, inequalities, religion and the environment.

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Social & Cultural Initiatives Dept.

Fuzzy Cognitive Maps (FCM's)

FCMs are a prediction tool that aim to capture and organize the knowledge of experts in complex social, economic, political and environmental problems in the form of a ‘mental model’, which reflects the complex domains of a given problem, as well as their internal relationships in an intuitive and dynamic manner.

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