Chain of Trust (Patients and Health professionals’ perspective on…

Chain of Trust Project: Public Health Program of the European Union managed by the Executive Agency for Health and Consumers (EAHC).

The Chain of Trust was a two year project which started off in January of 2011 and ended in January of 2013 with the overall objective of assessing the perspective of the main end users of e-health services across the EU to see whether and how views have evolved since the initial deployment of e-health and what barriers there still are to building confidence in and acceptance of this innovative type of services.

The project assessed the views, needs, benefits and barriers related to e-health from the perspective of patients, doctors, nurses and pharmacists.

Through a sustainable partnership between their representative EU umbrella organisations these telehealth user groups had the opportunity to voice their views through various methods focused on gathering qualitative information and driven by a participatory approach.

Interfusion lead activities on the ‘Assessment of patients and health professionals’ perspective on telehealth’ Work Package, in cooperation with the Thalassaemia International Foundation (TIF). The work plan included a literature review, an online survey and the implementation of national workshops and European focus groups for the end users of telehealth applications.

Furthermore, Interfusion supported the activities of the other Work Packages by providing input on the doctors’ perspective on telehealth and involving its members in the dissemination of outcomes.

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