FUPOL (ICT solutions for Governance and Policy Modeling)

FUPOL (Future Policy Modeling): FP7 ICT Call 7 – Objective ICT-2011.5.6 ICT solutions for governance and policy modeling.

The Future Policy Modelling Project (FUPOL) has been a research project funded by the 7th framework program of the European Union. Its research focus has been new technologies and methods for e-governance, e-participation and policy modelling. The FUPOL consortium consisted of partners from European countries, China and Kenya and comprised innovative multinational companies, leading research institutes, high-level political organizations as well as strong pilot partners. FUPOL consisted of an advanced policy lifecycle and an IT-solution with features supporting all phases of the proposed lifecycle.

During its implementation phase FUPOL has proposed a comprehensive new governance model to support the policy design and implementation lifecycle. The innovations were driven by the demand of citizens and political decision-makers to support the policy domains in urban regions with appropriate ICT technologies.

It has specifically targeted domains such as urban economy, community facilities, urban mobility and sustainable tourism. The scientific approach was based on the complexity of the science and it was aimed at reducing the complexity through a comprehensive policy spiral design lifecycle approach, deemed appropriate for complex societal problems.

The outcomes of the project, designed in line with the ICT work program, included a new governance model to engage all stakeholders in the whole policy lifecycle, a policy knowledge database, cloud computing based ICT framework, multilingual training, piloting in Europe, China and Africa, large scale dissemination and a sustainable exploitation strategy.

Plus, the FUPOL framework supporting the policy lifecycle with major innovations, multichannel social computing, policy topic sensing and extraction, advanced visualization including integration with GIS, multilingual semantic analysis, advanced policy modeling and model repository, dynamic agent based simulation, cloud computing and IMS supported crowd sourcing.


SmartGov (Advanced Decision Support for Smart Governance)

SmartGov (Advanced Decision Support for Smart Governance): JPI Urban Europe programme.

The SmartGov project seeks to strengthen contemporary urban governance by offering decision support and two-way communication between citizens, governments and other stakeholders in (Smart) Cities. There is a huge, but underdeveloped potential of Linked Open Data and Social Media as crowdsourcing tools that complement regular data collection for decision making.

SmartGov will integrate these data sources with Fuzzy Cognitive Maps (FCMs), to enable quantitative modelling of complex problems and simulation of dynamic behavior of factors underlying these problems.

Hence, decision-makers and citizens can effectively utilize (currently inaccessible) Open Data, Social Media feeds and expert-based FCMs to simulate impacts of different scenarios and to improve two-way communication between governments and citizens.