INCA (Inclusive & Integrated Healthcare)

INCA (Inclusive Introduction of Integrated Care): CIP-ICT-PSP-7 program.

The main activities, pursuits and outcomes of the INCA project throughout its lifecycle, have been the following:

1. To improve outcomes for patients; creating access to better integrated socio-sanitary care e-Services (integration of health care, social care, long-term and self-care in any kind of health / living conditions) outside of hospitals; reduce unnecessary hospital admissions and enabling effective working of professionals across provider boundaries.

2. Deployed across “cloud computing” approaches, in order to reach its outcomes in a highly ambitious way, with clear quantitative indicators, assuring the best value for money using INCA against conventional alternative of Public or Private silos of eHealth service deployments.

3. Improving the health services through better coordination across different levels of socio-sanitary care and from different providers within each level.

4. Contributing towards first-time introduction of integrated care programs and coaching of “first time deployment” by “early adopter” regions in Member States or associated countries, including remote “proactive” monitoring of patients.


Customisation of SEED platform for the Waterboard of Limassol…

Customisation and installation of the SEED informational platform for the Waterboard of Limassol (WBL).
Sep 2018 – Present

Development, installation and functioning customization of the SEED Informational Platform to the Central Offices and all the affiliated spaces of the Water Board of Limassol (WBL).

The purpose will be the continuous targeted projection of instructional information to those consumers who choose to repay their current bills in person in order to present them with all the alternative methods of payment available.

The nature of the prominent explanatory information will be mixed through RSS feed with newsletter information from the current news cycle so that the maximum consumer’s attention and pursued results can be gained.