What-IF Incubator

What-IF Incubator

The vision for What – IF Incubator will be to function as a regional ‘ Sustainable Solutions Co-creation Platform ‘ in order to support structural innovation through a cross-sector, multidisciplinary approach that will be able to address complicated societal issues in the island

During that process we envision three kinds of outputs: groundbreaking alternatives, fresh expertise, and creative experts. To accomplish this, a WhatIF’s modules are based on an especially cooperative, shared workspace within the organisation.

The primary challenge that Interfusion’s Incubator will attempt to overcome is a significant innovation gap that is reflected in the island’s anticipated developments.

Contradicting EU nations with a high ability for innovation and a powerful integrated strategy, Cyprus lacks a vibrant triple helix composition hub with up-and-coming businesses, customers as co-designers and institutions of expertise. Many of the innovation projects currently acknowledged are of a comparatively mono-disciplinary nature, targeting a particular industry.

What is missing is a linking connection, directly targeted at crossing distinct industries (government and private). 

In particular, mutual cross-fertilization between distinct areas is a major factor for accelerating regional innovation – particularly in terms of design and development.

We can define this as the need for a regional “innovation platform” or a “passion-based co-creation environment” that promotes ecosystem structural innovation, promotes component synergy, accelerates and adds unique aspects such as design and practice laboratories where necessary.

In addition to bringing entrepreneurs and group activities closer together, the What – IF Incubator also seeks to facilitate an open dialog between the stakeholders involved (public bodies, companies, research institutions, intermediate organisations, universities) through the creation and use of suitable channels of communication to contribute to the introduction of new processes.