Innovation advisory services

Interfusion’s  innovation advisory services are wide ranging, but often follow a similar theme – our clients know that they have something great, but need an external set of eyes and lateral thoughts to bring this to the fore.

We help you expand your existing business or start-up by delivering ideas that continue to build revenue and grow the business.

We specialise in getting to the heart of business problems by linking strategy and innovation. Our years of (very successful) experience in the world of business, mixed with our curious brains and a passion for unearthing gems of products and services gives us very high levels of success in working in such scenarios.

We’re experts in aligning sales, marketing, and operations, while aligning new products ideas, ‘go to market’ strategies, and successful online campaigns.

Our own particular types of advisory services consist of some or all of the following:

  1. Innovation Audit
  2. Innovation Culture
  3. Innovation Workshops
  4. Innovation Labs
  5. Innovation Goals
  6. Collaboration Workshops
  7. Hiring
  8. Identifying new markets

For more information on you contact contact us directly via mail or phone:

Telephone: 00357 25105055