Interfusion ICT & Media Department

ICT & Media Department

The ICT & Media Department of Interfusion recognizes that information and communication systems are a growing factor in our economies and society, as well as a strong driver for innovation, development and productivity. Broad access to telecommunications / ICTs offers important opportunities to enhance government services, health care, education and the environment.

It is our view that in order to meet the requirements and expectations of all stakeholders, all industries of the economy and, in specific, the tertiary sector need to maintain track of information and communication technologies and align with this rapidly changing industry. In this context, our ICT & Media Department is progressively seeking to adapt the services we provide and their content by taking all possible societal trends under account.

Furthermore, we are wary of the reality that education in its multiple forms does not rely solely on these techniques, but more on human resources and the ways in which all latest techniques and e-learning opportunities can be approached and used. We are therefore most optimistic that ICT and e-learning practices can improve the quality of the education supplied by creative techniques that can boost the motivation, interest and commitment of the learners.

Ultimately, the objective of Interfusion’s ICT & Media Department is to increase our general competitiveness, quality and activity effectiveness, as well as communications availability by incorporating (IT) alternatives into continuing administrative and scientific study procedures, thereby offering a reliable, secure and unified infrastructure.