Interfusion ICT & Media Department

ICT & Media Department

Interfusion’s ICT & Media Department recognises that Information and communication technologies are an increasingly important factor in our economies and society as well as a powerful driver of innovation, growth and productivity. Broad access to telecommunications/ICTs provides significant opportunities for improving public services, healthcare, education and the environment.

It is our belief that all sectors of the economy and, in particular, tertiary sector needs to keep track with the information and communication technologies and to align with this fast evolving sector in order to satisfy all stakeholders’ needs and expectations. In that context, our ICT & Media Department increasingly aims to adapt the services we provide and their content by taking under great consideration all possible societal trends.

Furthermore, we are aware of the fact that education in its various forms doesn’t depend exclusively on these technologies, but more on the human resources and the ways by which they can approach and use all new technologies and e-learning possibilities. Therefore, we are most positive that ICT and e-learning practices can enhance the quality of the education if provided through innovative methods that can increase the students’ motivation, interest and engagement.

Ultimately, the aim for Interfusion’s ICT & Media Department is to expand our overall competitiveness, quality and efficiency of activities, as well as information accessibility by integrating (IT) solutions within the ongoing administrative and scientific research processes, thus providing a reliable, safe and unified infrastructure.